Island Girls 2 ~ Music & Comedy 2022

Island Girls 2 ~ Music & Comedy

featuring Bette MacDonald, Lucy MacNeil, Heather Rankin & Jenn Sheppard

Island Girls 2 ~ Music & Comedy 2022



The fab four have been performing together for more than 5 years and in that time, have
developed undeniable chemistry on and off stage. Together, they deliver non-stop fun with spirit and a bit of sparkle. They have the kind of energy that immediately resonates with their audiences. 

The result is a wonderfully intimate show filled with raucous laughter and plenty of breathtaking musical moments. ISLAND GIRLS 2 Music and Comedy features the talents of four of Cape Breton Island’s busiest performers: Bette MacDonald, Heather Rankin, Lucy MacNeil and Jenn Sheppard. They are backed by a stellar band of some of Cape Breton’s top musicians, led by Stephen Muise.


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