Administrative Tools

No need to remember all the URLs. Everything you need to do your job is right here on this page.

Gatherboard Management Console

Use this software to manage You can approve events here.

Seat Advisor Box Office

Access our ticketing system. Here you can set up shows/tickets, gather sales data, build and manage email lists etc.

deCoste Webmail Admin

Follow this link to administer your email account. Set options, launch autoresponders, set-up signatures etc.

deCoste Webmail

Click here to a access your email from anywhere. Fully functional email client.

Google Calendar

Want to know what is booked? It's all here, even preliminary holds. Also staff vacations and time away from the office.

deCoste Google Drive

This is a repository for files of general use by multiple staff. If you have files that may be of use to other staff, please place them here.